Donald Degraen



Scholar Profile

Research Interests

Virtual RealityUbiquitous ComputingMixed realityInternet of ThingsHuman FactorsHaptic Interaction in Virtual EnvironmentsFabrication


Winter 2017/2018:

Winter 2018/2019: 

Thesis Topics

If you are interested in doing a thesis in my area of interest, feel free to contact me.

General topics I am interested in are:

  • Perception in Virtual Reality
  • 3D Printing Haptic Feedback
  • Social Things for Smart Environments

Suggestions for thesis topic discussions:

  • Building a device that allows users to experience textures in VR (Arduino Prototyping and Engineering)
  • Study on the perception of materials (No implementation)
  • Study on how to design from haptic perception (mixed implementation and study)
  • Social Network for Smart Devices (Implementation)
  • Building a Social Device (Engineering)

Ongoing Thesis

  • A Dynamic Passive Haptic Feedback Device for Texture Interaction in VR (ongoing, bachelor)

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