Web Development Course

General Information

This course teaches the basics of web development (frontend and backend). The course is aimed at students of (media) informatics who already have programming knowledge. We strongly recommend that you have completed Programming 2, Big Data Engineering and the Software Engineering Lab in order to successfully complete this course (even if this is not a prerequisite). 

The number of participants is limited to 20, whereby the "first-come first-serve" principle applies. The course is held as an online course. There will be a practical web development project to work on, where information and help will be made available in a moodle online environment. The project will be submitted and evaluated towards the end of the course. 

The projects are not to be worked on in group work and account for 70% of the overall grade. The remaining 30% of the score is determined by regular online mini quizzes. Both the project and the mini quizzes must be passed in order to successfully complete this course. 

Upon successfull completion, you receive graded 3 CP for this course. Whether you can use this grade for your degree (or are only allowed to use it ungraded) depends on your study regulations. Please refer to LSF to see if your particular course of study can receive these credits for the course.



HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, LESS, SCSS, JS, jQuery, Angular, React, Vuejs, NodeJS, Express, REST-API's, Websockets, Testing, Authentication 


Important Dates

14th October 2022 Registration Deadline
28th October 2022 5pm - 6pm Kick-Off (Mandatory!)
28th February 2023 Quizzes + Project Deadline

The Kick-Off is mandatory. Not showing up means that you will not participate in the course and your spot will be given to the next on the waiting list.



Registration starts on September 1st via mail to Marc Schubhan AND Tim Düwel until October 14th.
The mail should include your name, matriculation number and a short statement why you are interested in this course.

You will receive an answer whether you are within the first 20 applicants and accepted or have been put on the waiting list. If you were accepted, you will receive a link to the Kick-off meeting on the 21st October.


Moodle Environment 

The link to the moodle will be announced in the kick-off and will be sent out via mail thereafter.



Tim Düwel, Marc Schubhan