Seminar: SupRTwin - Sensing, Understanding, and Provisioning of Robotic Digital Twins

General Information 


To participate you should have

  • basic knowledge in AI (computer vision, planning)
  • good programming skills in Java,
  • programming skills in Python or C++ if you want to focus on computer vision tasks
  • beneficial: experience in Unity 3D

Seminar Overview

A digital twin is a digital representation of a tangible or intangible object from the real world in the digital world. In particular, they play a central role in the digitalization of industry as part of Industrie 4.0.
In this practical seminar you will learn about relevant concepts of Industrie 4.0 and implement a Robotic Digital Twin in small teams consisting of 2 - 4 students. We will provide a list of possible ideas, but you can also propose your own ideas. You will be able to work with different robotic systems, like self-driving robots, robot arms and quadcopters (drones).

If you want to attend the seminar, please register here.