Bachelor/Master Defense Talk


    1. The defense talk should be delivered after the BMS is completed and all studies are implemented and evaluated, but before the thesis is written. The presentation adds to the grade of the Bachelor or Master thesis. The defense talk should cover the following aspects:
      • A short reminder about the motivation of the thesis
      • A short overview of related works (if further works were found, these should also be explained briefly)
      • Implementation results (if it is part of the work)
      • [optional] Live-Demo or Video
      • Study results (if it is part of the work)
      • Discussion of results
      • Potential future links ("Future Work")

    2. Time limit: 30 Minuten [followed by a question and answer session]
      Language: MA-Thesis: English; BA-Thesis: German or English

    3. The time and date for the talk should be arranged your advisor (who will be in contact with the secretary of Prof. Krüger). Tell the advisor two weeks in which you want to give the talk (they should be a couple of weeks in advance to give more options for planning). Then, possible dates for Prof. Krüger will be checked by the advisor. Ideally, the second reviewer or his or her secretariat should also be involved in making an appointment.

    4. student sends an e-mail to the advisor in the following format:

      Titel/Title: [Titel der Arbeit ergänzen - Add the title of the thesis]
      Typ des Vortrags/Type of Talk: [Bachelor Defense Talk/Master Defense Talk]
      Referent/Speaker: [Eigenen Namen einfügen - Add your name]
      Sprache/Language: [Ist der Talk auf Deutsch oder Englisch - Will you give the Talk in German or English]
      Uhrzeit und Datum/Time and date: [Uhrzeit und Datum ergänzen - Will be added by the advisor as soon as it is clear]
      Raum des Vortrags/Room: [Raum ergänzen - Information wird vom Betreuer nach Absprache des Termins bereitgestellt - add the location where the talk will be given - will be added by the advisor as soon as it is clear]

      Betreuer/Advisor: [Der Betreuer der Arbeit / The advisor of the thesis]
      Kurzzusammenfassung/Abstract: [Kurze Zusammenfassung der Arbeit ("Abstract") in der Sprache des Vortrags - provide a short abstract of the talk]

    5. The advisor will announce the time of the presentation via DFKI/UMTL mailing lists.