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Natural Language ProcessingComputational LinguisticsChatbotsGamesBehavior Change Support SystemsHuman FactorsPsychology

Xenia Klinge is a data scientist and computational linguist at DFKI with a focus on human-centric intelligent medical and ambient applications, as well as language and conversation in the context of health, wellbeing and recreation. Her interests lie in automatic creativity and storytelling in the context of conversational systems.

She is living and working in Berlin.


Below, you can find open topics for thesis proposals or internships. 


B.Sc. / M.Sc. Thesis Topics

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis in my area of interest, please contact me. Here are my open topics:

  • Creating a GDPR-compliant ASR-as-a-service API (You will research and implement state-of-the-art ASR frameworks, survey and evaluate them in various dimensions (opportunity to publish!) and look at both the technical as well as the legal side of the implementation)
  • "You don't feel like doing that right now", an escape-the-room chatbot giving voice to depression (You will create a chatbot which acts as a hostile inner voice to a person just trying to have a happy life, requires experience in NLP / conversational systems and willingness to research psychologial background)

Advice will cover the contents of the thesis, as well as suggestions and recommendations on literature, structure and work plan, not communication with university, Ausländerbehöre or other beaurocratic aid. You should be willing and looking to publish your results as at least a poster or journal article if possible. You are expected to work independently and by your own motivation, so feel free to propose your own ideas if the fall within one or more of the following areas: 

  • Computational creativity
  • Storytelling, story generation, story understanding, NaNoGenMo
  • Computation (VR, AR, XR, AI) for LARP or roleplaying in general
  • Text, dialog and games
  • Computational applications in therapy and mental health awareness
  • LLMs and hybrid approaches to any of these topics

Unfortunately, until 07/2024 no new thesis proposals can be accepted.



If you are interested in an internship, feel free to contact me with details (your experience, duration of the internship, area of interest).


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