Dr. Sönke Knoch

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Research Interests

Human Computer InteractionActivity RecognitionProcess MiningIndustry 4.0

Recent Projects

Recent Theses

  • A Spatial Augmented Reality Based Worker Guidance for the Empowerment of Cognitively Impaired People in Zero-Defect Manufacturing, with Andreas Luxenburger (finished, Master, Matthias Jost)
  • PARTAS: A Highly Personalizable, Augmented Reality Based Task Adaption System for Impaired Workers, with Andreas Luxenburger (finished, Bachelor, Matthias Jost)
  • Gesture Controlled Mobile Robot in Warehouse and Retail Scenarios, with Dr. Tim Schwartz (finished, Master, Vinit Hegiste)
  • Collaborative Virtual Reality-Based System for Industrial Training, with Christian Murlowski (finished, Master, Mehmood Ul Hassan)
  • Multi-Perspective Online Conformance Checking in Manufacturing Processes (finished, Bachelor, Jakob Metzger)
  • Video-to-Model: Unsupervised Discovery of Workflows in Manual Assembly Using a Single Camera, with Dr. Tim Schwartz (finished, Master, Shreeraman Ponpathirkoottam)
  • Ereignis- und zustandsbasierte Simulation von Betriebsmitteln und Werkern im Kontext von Industrie 4.0 Produktionsanlagen, with Dr. Daniel Porta (finished, Bachelor, Philipp Staudt)

Recent Reviews

  • International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik 2023
  • IEEE International Conference on Business Informatics 2023 
  • IEEE Internet of Things Journal: 2022
  • Journal of Air Transport Management: 2021, 2022


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