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Current advances in machine translation increase the need for translators to switch from traditional translation to post-editing (PE) of machine-translated text, a process that saves time and improves quality. The goal of the DFG funded project “Multi-modal and Language Technology Based Post-Editing Support for Machine Translation” ( is to explore multi-modal interfaces to support this post-editing process. This thesis should investigate the feasibility and efficiency of using Eye Tracking for PE of machine translation.


  • Experience in web development, in particular using Angular, as the translation environment will be built using these technologies.
  • Ideally also some experience in using eye tracking technologies.
  • Read this paper, which provides insights into PE.
  • Read this paper and watch this video, as it provides lots of ideas how eye tracking can be effectively used for PE.
  • Read this paper, as it provides another interesting idea how eye tracking can be used to mark positions in the source and target text.

How to apply:

Please send me an email with the following pieces of information (if you do not answer every point, your application will not be considered):

  • A short motivational statement why this topic is interesting for you
  • Your transcript of records
  • A description of at least 3 CAT tools, i.e. a list of features they offer (e.g. one could be the features of Google Translate, bullet points are fine) (max. 1 A4 page)


B.Sc. / M.Sc. Thesis Topics

Open Topics:

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis in my area of interest, feel free to contact me.
I am also open to topic suggestions related to these areas.

Ongoing Superviced Theses:

  • Cognition-Aware Mobile E-Learning (Master)
  • The Impact of the Amount of MT Proposals on Human Post-Editing (Master)
  • Evaluating Different Visualizations of Machine Translation Output for Effective Post-Editing (Master)
  • Forecasting Restock Amounts for Beverage Markets (Master)
  • The Intelligent Fridge (Bachelor)

Finished Superviced Master's Theses:

  • 2019 - Go&Get: An Intelligent Shopping List for Everyday Goods (Alexander Vielhauer)
  • 2018 - Motivating Users with Bottom-Up Gamification in a Microtask Setting (Christian Wolff)
  • 2017 - Offline Product Recommendation Based on Customer Trajectories (Bhavesh Bhansali)

Finished Superviced Bachelor's Theses:

  • 2018 - TAROC: A Tangible Augmented Reality System for Object Configuration (Tim Düwel, PDF)
  • 2017 - Automatic User Identification in Retail (Jan Zacharias)
  • 2017 - Autonomous Dependency Detection and Rules Recommendation for Smart Home Systems (Sven Ziegler)





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