Michael Barz

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Mobile Eye TrackingEye TrackingGaze-based InteractionMulti-modal InteractionUser ModelingInteractive Machine Learning

Open Thesis Topics

In this work, your task is to implement a game with a purpose, but also helps in collecting hand-drawn sketches with annotations for machine learning. Your task will be to design and implement a suitable game, and to evaluate it in a user study. This game should integrate game mechanics that fit the purpose of generating/annotating sketches via touch input, stylus, or digital pens. The focus shall be on integrating interactive machine learning techniques via game mechanics that, e.g., enable the user to interactively train a machine learning model which is used during the game and has an effect on the game (i.e., the better the model, the better it supports the user in accomplishing the objective of the game).


The design and implementation of the game mechanics. You should have solid programming skills and, at best, experience with Unity 3D or another game development engine of choice. A user study will be conducted in the context of the game.

How to apply

Please send me an email with the following pieces of information (if you do not answer every point, your application will not be considered):

  • When you plan to start/finish the thesis (approximately)
  • A short motivational statement why this topic is interesting for you (max. 0.5 pages)
  • Preliminary concept draft for a game (strong focus on the interactive machine learning integration) (circa 1 page)
  • Your transcript of records



Professional Activities

Conference Reviewing

  • IJCAI (Papers): 2016, 2019
  • ACM IUI (Papers): 2019
  • KI (Papers): 2019
  • ACM ETRA (PETMEI Workshop Papers): 2018
  • IEEE VR (Papers): 2018, 2020
  • HRI (LBR): 2017

Journals Reviewing

  • Journal of Eye Movement Research (JEMR), 2018

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