Prof. Dr. Maximilian Altmeyer


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Open B.Sc. / M.Sc. Thesis Topics

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis in my area of interest, feel free to contact me. Please check the open topics at the top of this page beforehand (if there are any).

Finished Supervised Theses

  • Designing Persuasive Goals (Ongoing, Master)
  • A Gamified Approach To Motivate Sport-Enthusiasts Even Further (Bachelor, Nikodemus Schmidt)
  • The Role of Choice in Bottom-Up Gamification (Bachelor, Lea Verena Schmeer)
  • Manipulation of the Hard- and Software of a Streamer During Live-Streams (Master, Julian Sahner)
  • Gamified Ads: Enhancing User Experience and Product Recognition in Online Ads with Gamification (Master, Kathrin Dernbecher)
  • Investigating Relevant Game Elements for Different Player Types and Stages of Change in the Health Domain (Bachelor, Linda Muller)
  • The Encouragement of Walking with Gamified Mobile Applications - Development of a Research Prototype (Bachelor, Sarah Sterz)
  • Investigating the Effect of a Gamified Public Display to Encourage Physical Activity (Bachelor, Tobias Sander)
  • Implicit Assessment of Player Types (Bachelor, Marc Schubhan)
  • Shared Game Control and Group Coordination Elements (Bachelor, Vlad Hnatovskiy)
  • Users As Game Designers (Master, Dominic Buchheit)
  • Silver Cycling: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Persuasive Strategies to Promote Physical Activity among Older Adults (Master, Seyedmostafa Hosseini)
  • Nudging in Gamified Fitness Applications (Bachelor, Thierry Jegen)
  • Gamified Microtasks (Master, Berina Zenuni)
  • Tailoring Gamification to Encourage Physical Activity (Master, Subhashini Jantwal)
  • Boosting self-efficacy with sabotaged gamification (Bachelor, Jan Larisch)
  • Sound Feedback in Gameful Applications (Master, Vladislav Hnatovskiy)
  • Tangible Gamification  (Master, Tobias Sander, in collaboration with Donald Degraen)
  • Order Picking in Smart Warehouses (Bachelor, Mohamad Saleh Al Mohamad, in collaboration with Frederic Kerber)
  • Digital Receipts in Retail (Bachelor, Milan Conrad, in collaboration with Frederic Kerber)


Ongoing Supervised Theses

I am currenlty advising 2 Master's theses:

  • Gamified Meditation (Ongoing, master)
  • Customization vs Personalizsation (Ongoing, master)


Academic Service

Conference Chair

  • Work In Progress Chair for CHI Play 2023
  • Co-Chair for Game-based Learning Minitrack at Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • Web Chair for CHI PLAY 2022, Ubicomp 2016, PerDis 2015, KI 2014
  • AC for CHI 2024, CHI Play 2023, CHI Play 2022 WiP, CHI Play 2021 WiP, CHI 2021 Late Breaking Work, CHI Play 2020 WiP, CHI 2020 Late Breaking Work, CHI 2019 Late Breaking Work
  • PC Member for ICSE2022 within the GAS 2022-track, IEEE AIVR 2021 Papers, IEEE COG 2021, IEEE AIVR 2020 Papers, IEEE AIVR 2019 Papers, IUI 2018 Demo/Poster


  • IEEE VR 2023, Interacting with Computers, CSCW 2023, CHI 2023 Papers, OzCHI 2022, Mindtrek 2022, StartPlay 2022, Behaviour & Information Technology, Information Processing and Management, FDG 2022, MuC 2022 Full Papers, CHI PLAY 2022 Full Papers, MobileHCI 2022 Papers, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, CHI 2022 Papers, OzCHI 2021, CHI PLAY 2021, CSCW 2021, Entertainment Computing, CHI 2021 Papers, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, MDPI Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, CHI PLAY 2020 Papers (Special Recognition), DIS 2020 Papers, MobileHCI 2020 Papers, CHI 2020 Papers (Special Recognition), CHI 2020 Student Game Competition, CHI 2020 Late Breaking Work, IEEE Access, IMWUT, IEEE VR 2020 Conference Papers, IEEE AIVR 2019 Papers, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies (IJHCS), CHI PLAY 2019 (Special Recognition), Mobile-HCI 2019, CHI 2019 Late Breaking Work, IEEE VR 2019 Conference Papers, IEEE VR 2019 Journal Papers, CHI PLAY 2018 Papers, IUI 2018 Posters & Demos, CHI 2017 Papers and Notes, CHI PLAY 2017 Full Papers (Special Recognition), IMWUT (May 2017 round), IUI 2017 Long & Short Papers, IUI 2017 Posters & Demos


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