Dr. Maurice Rekrut

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Research Interests

Human Computer InteractionBrain Computer InterfacesNeural EngineeringApplied Machine Learning



Open B.Sc. / M.Sc. Thesis Topics

Please consider that I am currently not able to advise any further topics due to the huge amount of ongoing ones. If you are interested in doing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis in my area of interest, feel free to contact me. Please check the open topics at the top of this page beforehand (if there are any).

Finished Supervised Theses

  • Towards automated training of Silent Speech BCIs in natural reading tasks (Master, Andreas Fey)
  • A Transfer Learning Approach for Silent Speech Recognition from Overt Speech Using A Cloud-Based EEG Data Pipeline (Abdulrahman Mohamed Selim)
  • Training and classification of imagined speech using interactive reinforcement learning (Master, Varsha Gattu)
  • Towards EEG-Based Blurred View Detection for Autofocus Adjustment of Surgical Microscopes (Bachelor, Lars Franke)
  • Workplace 4.0: Integrating EEG-measurements into working environments to boost productivity and prevent distraction (Bachelor, Merhnoosh Majari Kasamei)
  • Investigating different methodologies for electrode reduction in Silent Speech Brain-Computer Interfaces (Bachelor, Johannes Ihl)
  • Virtual Reality Neurofeedback as tool for athletes to improve self-regulation in high pressure tasks (Master, Naumann Fakhar)
  • SSVEP stimuli representing natural movement or flickering for use in Brain-Computer Interfaces (Bachelor, Tobias Jungbluth)
  • “BioFusion”: A Comprehensive Wireless Sensor Platform to facilitate setup and increase user comfort in Biofeedback Applications (Master, Ahmed Mujtaba Chang)
  • Entwicklung und Evaluierung einer neuen Methode zur Kategorisierung von Motion Sickness Typen für VR Anwendungen (Bachelor, Marco Siweris)
  • Towards Silent Speech BCIs: Decoding Semantic Categories of ImaginedWords from EEG Activity (Master, Mansi Sharma)
  • Electroencephalographic Mapping of Semantic Categories in Object-based Decision Tasks (Master, Matthias Schmitt)
  • Smart Bus: Eine In-Bus-Infrastruktur zur Realisierung eines Bidirektionalen Fahrgast-Informations- und Interaktionssystemes (Bachelor, Jannik Haupenthal)
  • Realisierung einer Datenhaltungsinfrastruktur sowie Entwurf eines Instandhaltungskonzepts zur Fahrgaststandortbestimmung für den ÖPNV im Verbundsprojekt Mobia (Bachelor, Johannes Lahann)


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