Martin Feick

Doctoral Researcher


Research Interests

Virtual RealityMixed realityFabricationTangible User Interfaces3D User Interfaces

Open B.Sc. / M.Sc. Thesis Topics

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis in my area of interest, feel free to contact me. Please check the open topics at the top of this page beforehand (if there are any).







Academic Services

Reviewer: TEI'22 WiP, CHI 2022 Full Papers, CSCW 2021 Full papers, CHI 2021 Full Papers, CSCW 2020 Full papers, CHI 2020 Late-Breaking-Reports, INTERACT 2019 Full papers, DIS 2019 Work-In-Progress, CHI 2019 Late-Breaking-Reports, ISS 2018 Posters, SUI 2018 Full papers, CSCW 2018 Posters, HRI 2018 Late-Breaking-Reports

PC: TEI'21 WiP

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