Frederik Wiehr

Doctoral Researcher


Research Interests

WearablesSports TechnologiesHighly Automated Driving



Open B.Sc. / M.Sc. Thesis Topics

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis in my area of interest, feel free to contact me.
I am also open to topic suggestions related to these areas.


Tutorials / Workshops:

Ubicomp ‘16: UbiMount: Ubiquitous Computing in the Mountains

Ubicomp ‘17: UbiMount: 2nd workshop on ubiquitous computing in the mountains

Dagstuhl Seminar '17: Ambient Notification Environments


Finished Supervised Theses


  • Philipp Schardt - Towards an Ambient Assistive System Using Wrist-Worn Human Activity Recognition
  • Andreas Höh - Deep Water Blackout Prevention
  • Alexander Wagner - Landmark-Based Indoor Navigation Using Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Baris Cakar - The Effect of Environmental Complexity on the Time of Transfer of Control in Highly Automated Driving
  • Furkat Kochkarov - Designing a computational model of visual saliency for highly automated driving
  • Julian Maurer - Race time prediction on individual historical training data for hilly and non-hilly courses
  • Kevin Müller - Personalized Route Recommendations for Recreational Cyclists Based on Past Activities and Popular Segments
  • Lukas Schmitz - Mixed Initiative Handover Simulator with Multimodal Explanations - A Study Framework for Highly Automated Driving and Autonomous Drones for Critical Situations
  • Mahmoud Hassan - FootStriker - An EMS-based Foot Strike Assistant for Running
  • Marko Vujic - Immotion - Exergame for Warm Up Guidance and Motivation
  • Philipp Schardt - Towards an Ambient Assistive System Using Wrist-Worn Human Activity-Recognition
  • Shwetha Muralikrishnaa - Investigating the Effects of Modalities in Trust measurement and Takeover time in Highly Automated Driving
  • Martin Geibel - Interactive Video Analysis for Indoor Sports by a Self-Calibrating Camera Projection Unit


  • Lukas Schmitz Georeferencing Climbing Topology on High Resolution Drone Imagery
  • Vahid Rahmani - Drawing Realtime GPS Art for a Creative Exploration in Long Distance Sports
  • Kevin Müller - Intelligent Doorbell - Bachelor Thesis Kevin Müller
  • Lukas Strobel - Augmenting Directional Perception for Swimmers using Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Mira Verena Niemann - A Semi-Automatic Interface for Assessing Emotions from Geotagged Social Media Posts for Urban Planning
  • Thorsten Schamper - Ambient Highlighter - A toolkit for ambient notifications through object recognition in real time



I have reviewed for the following conferences and journals:

  • MUM 2015
  • CHI 2016
  • IUI 2016
  • UBICOMP 2016
  • IMWUT 2017
  • CHI Play 2017
  • CHI Play 2018
  • IMWUT 2018 
  • IMWUT 2018
  • IEEE VR 2018
  • CHI Play 2019
  • CHI Play 2020

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