Felix Kosmalla

Doctoral Researcher


Research Interests

Interactive Systems in SportsActivity SensingPrototyping of Interactive Systems and DevicesTraining AssistanceVirtual RealitySports TechnologiesInteractive Assistance SystemsHuman Computer InteractionHuman Factors

Teaching Activities: 

Arduino meets Urban Gardening WS19/18

Proseminar Recent Topics in HCI WS19/20

Seminar Innovative Retail Technologies SS19

Seminar Sensing Virtual Reality: Practical Seminar on Dynamic Passive Haptics WS18/10

Proseminar Recent Topics in HCI WS17/18

Seminar: Design and Evaluation of Ubiquitous Technology in Sports WS17/18

Proseminar: Recent Topics in HCI  WS16/17

Tutorials / Workshops that we offered:

Ubicomp ‘16: UbiMount: Ubiquitous Computing in the Mountains

Ubicomp ‘17: UbiMount: 2nd workshop on ubiquitous computing in the mountains

CHI  ‘17: NatureCHI the 2nd workshop on unobtrusive user experiences with technology in nature.

MobileHCI ‘17: Tutorial on Wearable Computing in Sports




Innovative Retail Laboratory 


Student Thesis Supervision

Jan Ehrlich, Master

Philip Hell, Master

Jan Niklas Braun, Bachelor

Felix Philipp Felten, Bachelor

Christian Murlowski, Master

Lena Hornberger, Bachelor

Fabian Hupperich, Bachelor

Corinna Tasch, Bachelor


Reviewing History 

CHI 2020 Late Breaking Works

DIS 2020 Papers

MobileHCI 2020 Papers

CHI 2019 Late Breaking Work

CHI 2019 Papers

CHI PLAY 2019 Full Papers

SUI 2019 Papers

CHI 2018 Late Breaking Work

CHI PLAY 2018 Papers

IEEE VR 2018 Conference Papers

IUI 2018 Posters & Demos

CHI 2017 Papers and Notes

CHI PLAY 2017 Full Papers

DIS 2017 Papers and Notes

DIS 2017 Provocations & Works in Progress

IMWUT (Aug 2017 round)

IUI 2017 Long & Short Papers

IUI 2017 Posters & Demos

DIS 2016 Papers and Notes

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