Dr. Florian Daiber

Post-Doctoral Researcher


Research Interests

Human Computer Interaction3D User InterfacesUbiquitous ComputingSports TechnologiesGestural InteractionMultitouch Interaction3D InteractionStereoscopic Interactive SurfacesMixed realityAugmented RealityGaze-based InteractionMobile Interaction

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Continously applying for grants and managing a couple of projects, most and foremost:

Thesis Topics

Due to the current workload I cannot accept new thesis topics at the moment! Please also note that (secondary) thesis reviews may also take longer than usual.

I offer thesis topics in the field of 3D User Interfaces for AR and VR and Ubiquitous Sports Technologies.

Important note

The main goal of a scientific Bachelor's or Master's thesis is to independently investigate a (constraint) research question with scientific rigour. So before approaching me for a thesis topic please make yourself familiar with the UTML information (including Thesis FAQ, BMS, Defense) and the general thesis regulations of the examination office! Open Topics see below.

Secondary thesis reviews

In general I accept secondary reviews if they fit into my research interests and expertise. However due to time constraints I cannot accept each and every review. Please also note that I cannot guarantee the acceptance of last minutes requests. So always approach me at least two to three weeks before your submission deadline!

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