Dr. Florian Daiber

Post-Doctoral Researcher


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Research Interests

Human Computer Interaction3D User InterfacesUbiquitous ComputingSports TechnologiesGestural InteractionMultitouch Interaction3D InteractionStereoscopic Interactive SurfacesMixed realityAugmented RealityGaze-based InteractionMobile Interaction



Continously applying for grants and managing a couple of projects, most and foremost:

Thesis Topics

Due to the current Corona situation and workload I cannot accept new thesis topics at the moment! Please also note that (secondary) thesis reviews may also take longer than usual.

I offer thesis topics in the field of 3D User Interfaces for AR and VR and Ubiquitous Sports Technologies.

The main goal of a scientific Bachelor's or Master's thesis is to independently investigate a (constraint) research question with scientific rigour. So before approaching me for a thesis topic please make yourself familiar with the UTML information (including Thesis FAQ, BMS, Defense) and the general thesis regulations of the examination office! Open Topics see below.

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