Donald Degraen

Doctoral Researcher


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Research Interests

Virtual RealityUbiquitous ComputingMixed realityInternet of ThingsHuman FactorsHaptic Interaction in Virtual EnvironmentsFabrication

Open Thesis Topics

For this thesis, you will focus on the hands in Virtual Reality. You will program a VR application in Unity to study the effect of changes of virtual hands in relation to different objects inside the scene. You will get familiar with using an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift device in combination with a LEAP motion hand tracker.


  • Interest in VR and perception
  • Knowledge about Unity
  • Knowledge about psychophysical experiments is a plus
  • Completed HCI lecture and ideally attended at least one seminar at our chair

How to apply

Please send me an email with the following pieces of information (if you do not answer every point, your application will not be considered):

  • The intended start and end date of the thesis
  • A short motivational statement
    • why this topic is interesting for you?
    • how do you think hands are important in VR?
  • A resume describing previous work/projects you have worked on and related experience
  • Your transcript of records

After revising your application, you will receive a short assignment to assess your fit before starting the thesis topic.




Ongoing Thesis

  • A Dynamic Passive Haptic Feedback Device for Texture Interaction in VR (ongoing, bachelor)

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