Donald Degraen

Doctoral Researcher


Research Interests

Virtual RealityUbiquitous ComputingMixed realityInternet of ThingsHuman FactorsHaptic Interaction in Virtual EnvironmentsFabrication

Thesis Topics

Currently, I do not have any readily available thesis topics. However, I am open to discussing any ideas you might have in the following areas of my expertise:

  • Passive Haptic Feedback for VR
  • Fabrication methods, tools, and/or processes with a focus on tactile properties
  • Haptic Design methods

If you are interested and would like to discuss your topic, please send me the following information:

  • Topic description (1 page min.)
  • Related work on your topic (2 papers min.)
  • Transcript of records

Ongoing Theses

  • Look at those hands, are they small hands? (Master)
  • Everyday Objects in VR (Master, collaboration with André Zenner)
  • Providing Eco-Feedback and Feedforward using an ambient Living Media interface (Master)
  • Spray-on Haptics (Master)
  • Human Actuation for Haptics in Virtual Reality (Master, collaboration with Bruno Fruchard)
  • An Evaluation of Plant-Based Devices in the Home (Master, collaboration with Bruno Fruchard and Marc Teyssier)
  • A Controller Interface for Haptic Design in VR (Bachelor)
  • Slipperiness in Haptic Walking (Master, collaboration with Martin Feick)

Finished Theses

  • Anna Reindl, A Dynamic Passive Haptic Feedback Device for Texture Interaction in VR (Bachelor)
    • Results contributed to a publication at DIS'20
  • Hannah Hock, FamilyFlower - an Artificial Flower to foster Distant Family Connections (Bachelor)
  • Latifa Abdullayeva, Understanding Autonomous Device Behavior in a Social Internet of Things environment through Personality Traits (Master)
  • Tobias Sander, Tangible Gamification (Master, collaboration with Max Altmeyer)
  • Marc Schubhan, Hakoniwa: Enhancing Physical Gamification using Miniature Garden Elements (Master)
    • Results contributed to a publication at MindTrek'21



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