Dr. Denise Kahl

Associated Member


Research Interests

Augmented RealityVisualizationTangible User InterfacesPrototyping of Interactive Systems and Devices

Ongoing Theses

  • Tangible Augmented Reality for Virtual Scene Authoring (Master, Marc Ruble)
  • Adaptive Subtle Gaze Direction in Augmented Reality (Master, Philipp Jonczyk)
  • Guidance Using Augmented Reality Filtering (Master, Hafiz Zee Waqar Irtaza)
  • Smart Home Webshop Assistant (Bachelor, Michal Jurek)
  • Entwicklung einer mobilen Augmented Reality Applikation mithilfe einer Lebensmittel Ontologie (Bachelor, Thorsten Willems)


Finished Theses

  • Smart Movement Detecting Infant Monitoring Device (Bachelor, Samantha Ruppert)
  • Investigation of Possible Size Differences Between Virtual Overlay and Physical Prop in Optical See-through Tangible Augmented Reality (Bachelor, Marc Ruble)
  • Multi-Agent Pathfinding in Supermarkets with Regard to the Travelling Salesmen Problem with Reduced Delay Times at Deli Counters and Checkouts (Bachelor, Philipp Jonczyk)
  • TAROC: A Tangible Augmented Reality System for Object Configuration (Bachelor, Tim Düwel)
  • An Interaction Concept for Performance Support using Smart Glasses (Master, Alla Domke)
  • Methoden zur Blickrichtungssteuerung am projizierten Einkaufsregal (Bachelor, Nadja Rutsch)
  • Motion Wallet: Motion Gestures for Mobile Payment (Master, Alexander Cullmann)
  • RFID-basiertes Framework zur Einkaufsunterstützung mittels Gestensteuerung (Bachelor, Patrick Bender)
  • YAVA: Yet Another Vegan App (Bachelor, Yannic Haupenthal)
  • Smartphone zu Smartphone Bezahlung per Near Field Communication (Bachelor, Michael Barz)





  • Course: Programming for Engineers (Summer 2017) - Coordination
  • Seminar: Multi-User Gaze-Based Interaction (Summer 2017)
  • Seminar: Multi-User Gaze-Based Interaction (Summer 2014)


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