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Augmented RealityVisualizationTangible User InterfacesPrototyping of Interactive Systems and Devices

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As part of a bachelor thesis in cooperation between DFKI GmbH (Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger) and the Department of Prehistory and Early History at Saarland University (Prof. Dr. Sabine Hornung), an Augmented Reality application (Smartphone/Tablet/AR glasses) is to be implemented which allows tracking of outdoor environments and displaying digital objects at defined positions.



  • Development of a novel method for markerless tracking of large outdoor areas.
  • Implementation of different forms of visualization for the representation of digital reconstructions in outdoor areas
  • Exemplary implementation of the AR application for the representation of the reconstruction of the pillar tomb of the Gallo-Roman cemetery in Oberlöstern (Wadern).


The following questions are to be dealt with:

  • How can current tracking methods be used/adapted to place digital objects (e.g. reconstructions of buildings or monuments) as accurately as possible in outdoor areas with changing vegetation conditions in AR?
  • How can digital objects (e.g. reconstructions) be visualized (optical see-through AR glasses) in order to integrate well into the environment, e.g. if there are still remains or another building at the location where the overlay has to be placed?



  • Interest in the implementation of AR applications
  • Good programming skills
  • First experience with Unity (at least online tutorials)
  • First experience with Augmented Reality (e.g. Vuforia, ARKit, ARCore) in Unity



Contact person: Denise Kahl

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  • Planned start/completion date of the thesis
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