Chirag Bhuvaneshwara

Doctoral Researcher


Research Interests

Machine LearningAffective ComputingSocial Signal Processing

Further Topics for BSc / MSc Theses

If the above topics are not a good fit for you, I'm open to your suggestions, if they are in my area of interest. More specifically, a good topic fits to one of these categories:

  • Computational models of emotion
  • Social signal processing using machine learning approaches
  • Affective computing study design tools such as Visual Scenemaker

If you contact me, please add a one pager describing your idea.


  • How to build a social computer WS 22/23
  • Machine Learning for Social Signal Processing SS 22

Ongoing / Finished Theses

  • Attachment style recognition in dyadic human-agent interaction with multimodla deep learning models (Ongoing, Master)
  • Automated machine learning based affect analysis in human-virtual agent dyadic interactions (Ongoing, Master)

Academic Services

Reviewer: ACM Mltimediate'22 Challenge, ACM Multimediate'23 Challenge

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