Practical Phase / Internship

The one-semester practical phase comprises a professional internship and an accompanying seminar. The internship needs to cover topics from the domain of media informatics or other relevant related domains like computer science. The internship is awarded 20 ungraded credit points, thus the internship workload should be at least 600 hours (30 x 20h). Additionally, you need to take an according seminar that is awarded 5 graded credit points.

For all administrational issues concerning the practical phase, you can contact Pascal Lessel. In the following, this person is called the "internship contact person".

Scope, topic and company are suggested by the student and need to be accredited by Prof. Krüger, before you start the internship. The procedure to get this approval is the following:

  1. Provide the following information via e-mail to the internship contact person with the team assistance in CC. :
    Name of the company
    The time frame when you plan to do the internship
    What the company is doing
    In which department of the company you will work (include a short description of the department)
    A short description of what you will do in the company during your internship
    Why you think that this is a reasonable topic for your media informatics internship
  2. The internship contact person will either request more information or will forward this to Prof. Krüger with a first assessment.
  3. As soon as Prof. Krüger has given his final assessment, the internship contact person will relay it back to you. Sometimes this process can take longer. Please wait for at least 14 days before you ask the internship contact person about the current process state.


The evaluation of the practical phase is done 

  1. formally. You need to submit an official document verifying the internship.
  2. by a colloquium (see section Seminar below) on the internship before the end of the following semester within the scope the practical phase seminar.

Further information can be found in the FAQ.


To pass the seminar accompanying the practical phase, there are the following requirements:

  1. Attending at least 3 other seminar talks
  2. Giving a 30 minute presentation about the internship. This presentation should introduce the company, as well as the work you have done. The presentation is supposed to close with a short summary and what you liked about the internship and what not.

Three important changes:

A) Because of many students that came late to the presentations (and besides missing a lot from the talk also disturbe the speaker) we want you to be on time! If you miss more than 5 minutes, we thus will not count your participation for this talk.

B) As many of our students are not German-speaking, it is highly advisable to prepare the talk in English. Please write a mail to the internship contact person if there is a good reason why you need to give the talk in German. 

C) Please be in the presentation room 15 minutes before your talk and setup your system. We want to start punctually. For this, drop by at the office of the internship contact person (~20 minutes before the talk). In case this person is absent, go to the team assistance (D3.4 new building, room 1.72) and tell her, that you were unnable to find the former. If here is also nobody available, please contact a member of the chair, to receive a key and tell them, that someone should attend your talk (this is just a fail save that should never happen).

Important note: Our presentation rooms usually have connectors that only offer VGA. So ensure that you bring necessary adapters. If you cannot connect to VGA please inform the internship contact person one week before the talk.

To choose a timeslot for your presentation, please contact the internship contact person with 5 suggestions of possible dates. After the room and the date is clear (you receive this information from the contact person a well), please write a mail to Maximilian Altmeyer ( with the team assistance in CC and add the following information (please follow this format): 

Title: [Add the title of the thesis]
Type of Talk: Internship-Talk
Speaker: [Add your name]
Time and date: [Add the time and date]
Room: [Add the location where the talk will be given]
Abstract: [Provide a short abstract of the talk]

The talk will be added to the calender "Internship" (see below).

Upcoming Talks

We use only this calendar to announce the practical phase seminar talks. There will be NO announcements concerning any talks via the mailing lists in the future.

So please use one of the following options to keep you updated:

  1. If you have an Google Account, you can add the calendars to yours. Then you can also activate mail notifications to be automatically informed on updates.
  2. If not (and you do not want to create one) you could also always check the UMTL webpage

Further information and regulations

Further information can be found in the FAQ and in the respective regulations of the study progamme.