The four-semester programme Mediainformatics with the degree „Master of Science“ provides students an academic study that is practical, profession- and application-oriented as well as scientific.

In this interdisciplinary programme, students gain analytical, creative and practical competence in software- and system development in the field of digital media.

In addition to the education in information technology matters by selectable core and advanced lectures as well as scientifically-oriented seminars, the cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Saar (HBKsaar) conveys extra skills to the students.

The project-oriented range of courses provides practical knowledge in methods of active media work. Furthermore, it encourages interdisciplinary teamwork that is needed for today’s job market.

Additionally, these key qualifications are supplemented and enhanced by so-called soft skill trainings and seminars in order to develop scientific communication- and presentation skills as well as skills in scientific writing. These skills also qualify for a scientific career.

Besides the project-orientation, the degree program is characterized by a one-semester practical phase, comprising a professional traineeship and an internship seminar.

Moreover, this mentored internship in a topic-related company gives the students a clear insight into the professional use of digital media and multimedia technologies.

Important: Please note, that you also need to apply for the Master's programm even if you are already enrolled in the Bachelor's Mediainformatics programme.

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