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Research Interests

GamesGamificationBehavior Change Support SystemsPersuasive TechnologyCrowdsInteraction with CrowdsLive-Streaming of Games




  • Seminar: Games User Research (Summer 2018)
  • Seminar: Livestreaming meets HCI (Summer 2017)
  • Seminar: Gamified Life - Integration of Gamification Elements into everyday life (Winter 2014/15)
  • Lecture: User Interface Design (Summer 2014) - Coordination
  • Seminar: Multi-User Gaze-Based Interaction (Summer 2014)
  • Seminar: From analog to digital: Moving from paper-based artifacts to digital counterparts (Winter 2013/14)
  • Lecture: Ubiquitous Media (Summer 2013) - Coordination
  • Lecture: User Interface Design (Summer 2013) - Coordination
  • Proseminar: Programmierung mobiler Geräte mit Android (Winter 2012/13)


Open Topics for BSc / MSc Theses

I'm open to your suggestions, if they are in my area of interest. More specifically, a good topic fits to one of these categories:

  • "Bottom-up"-Gamification
  • Gamification in everyday life
  • Audience-driven games (e.g., games like ChoiceChamber)
  • Improved interaction channels between streamer and audience in live streaming scenarios

Open topics (in parentheses, we denote whether the focus of the work is more on the study or implementation side; although all topics require both aspects if not otherwise specified):

  • Investigation of Viewer-Types in Gaming Live-Streams (Study, most likely no implementation)
  • Development of a Tailored Live-Streaming Platform (Implementation)
  • Flow and Bottom-Up Gamification (Study)
  • Investigating Choices in "Bottom-Up" Gamification (Study)
  • Investigating Differend Degrees of Customization in Gamification (Study)


Ongoing / Finished Theses / Media Projects Topics

  • The Trash Game - Ein gamifizierter und crowd-basierter Ansatz zur Motivation bewusster Mülltrennung (Finished, Bachelor, Maximilian Altmeyer)
  • Socialized Club System - Ein gamifiziertes System zur Verbesserung
    der Kommunikation und der Übersicht in Großraumdiskotheken (Finished, Bachelor, Dominic Gottwalles)
  • Analyzing Crowd Interaction within a Collaborative Gaming Scenario (Finished, Bachelor, Christian Wolff)
  • To-Do List Applications for Smartphones - Investigating the Current State of the Art and Developing Design Guidelines in a Participatory Design Process (Finished, Bachelor, Christopher Schommer)
  • DEPlata - A Digitally Enhanced Planning Table for Rough Factory Layouts (Finished, Master, Nico Herbig)
  • ExpenseControl - A Gamified, Semi-Automated, Crowd-Based Approach For Receipt Capturing (Finished, Master, Maximilian Altmeyer)
  • Enriched Livestream Experience: Expanding Hearthstone-Livestreams with New Communication Channels (Finished, Bachelor, Alexander Vielhauer)
  • Twitch Plays Hedgewars: A Case Study of the “Twitch Plays”
    Phenomenon (Finished, Master, Matthias Hennemann)
  • The Encouragement of Walking with Gamified Mobile Applications - Development of a Research Prototype (Finished, Sarah Sterz)
  • Motivating Users with Bottom-Up Gamification in a Microtask Setting (Finished, Christian Wolff)

  • "Neighbourtopia" (Finshed, Media Project, Norine Coenen, Stefanie Lehmann, Alexander Vielhauer)
  • "GymLife" (Finished, Media Project, Philip Hell, Omair Bhatti, Jan Ehrlich)
  • CrossFit-RPG (Finished, Media Project, Jills Els, Daniel Ngoufack, Nils Lipp, Jennifer Betz)


  • Development of a Shared Game Control Game (Ongoing, Bachelor)
  • Shared Game Control in a Chess Board Game Revisited (Ongoing, Bachelor)
  • Manipulation of the Hard- and Software of a Streamer During Live-Streams (Ongoing, Master)
  • Implicit Assessment of Player Types (Ongoing, Bachelor)
  • The Role of Choice in Bottom-Up Gamification (Ongoing, Bachelor)
  • The Effect of Self-Defined Games on User Performance (Ongoing, Master)
  • PleaseBeNice++: Development and Investigation of a Crowd-Sourced Based Game (Ongoing, Bachelor)
  • A Gamified Approach To Motivate Sport-Enthusiasts Even Further (Ongoing, Bachelor)


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