Pascal Lessel



Scholar Profile

Research Interests

GamesGamificationBehavior Change Support SystemsPersuasive TechnologyCrowdsInteraction with CrowdsLive-Streaming of Games




  • Seminar: Games User Research (Summer 2018)
  • Seminar: Livestreaming meets HCI (Summer 2017)
  • Seminar: Gamified Life - Integration of Gamification Elements into everyday life (Winter 2014/15)
  • Lecture: User Interface Design (Summer 2014) - Coordination
  • Seminar: Multi-User Gaze-Based Interaction (Summer 2014)
  • Seminar: From analog to digital: Moving from paper-based artifacts to digital counterparts (Winter 2013/14)
  • Lecture: Ubiquitous Media (Summer 2013) - Coordination
  • Lecture: User Interface Design (Summer 2013) - Coordination
  • Proseminar: Programmierung mobiler Geräte mit Android (Winter 2012/13)


Open Topics for BSc / MSc Theses

I'm open to your suggestions, if they are in my area of interest. More specifically, a good topic fits to one of these categories:

  • "Bottom-up"-Gamification
  • Gamification in everyday life
  • Audience-driven games (e.g., games like ChoiceChamber)
  • Improved interaction channels between streamer and audience in live streaming scenarios


Ongoing / Finished Theses / Media Projects Topics

  • The Trash Game - Ein gamifizierter und crowd-basierter Ansatz zur Motivation bewusster Mülltrennung (Finished, Bachelor, Maximilian Altmeyer)
  • Socialized Club System - Ein gamifiziertes System zur Verbesserung
    der Kommunikation und der Übersicht in Großraumdiskotheken (Finished, Bachelor, Dominic Gottwalles)
  • Analyzing Crowd Interaction within a Collaborative Gaming Scenario (Finished, Bachelor, Christian Wolff)
  • To-Do List Applications for Smartphones - Investigating the Current State of the Art and Developing Design Guidelines in a Participatory Design Process (Finished, Bachelor, Christopher Schommer)
  • DEPlata - A Digitally Enhanced Planning Table for Rough Factory Layouts (Finished, Master, Nico Herbig)
  • ExpenseControl - A Gamified, Semi-Automated, Crowd-Based Approach For Receipt Capturing (Finished, Master, Maximilian Altmeyer)
  • Enriched Livestream Experience: Expanding Hearthstone-Livestreams with New Communication Channels (Finished, Bachelor, Alexander Vielhauer)
  • Twitch Plays Hedgewars: A Case Study of the “Twitch Plays”
    Phenomenon (Finished, Master, Matthias Hennemann)
  • The Encouragement of Walking with Gamified Mobile Applications - Development of a Research Prototype (Finished, Sarah Sterz)

  • "Neighbourtopia" (Finshed, Media Project, Norine Coenen, Stefanie Lehmann, Alexander Vielhauer)
  • "GymLife" (Finished, Media Project, Philip Hell, Omair Bhatti, Jan Ehrlich)

  • Untersuchung von Bottom-Up in einem Micro-Task-Setup (Ongoing, Master)
  • Shared Game Control Game (Ongoing, Bachelor)
  • Shared Game Control in a Board Game (Ongoing, Bachelor)
  • Manipulation of the Hard- and Software of a Streamer During Live-Streams (Ongoing, Master)
  • Investigation of Viewer-Types in Gaming Live-Streams (Ongoing, Master)
  • Implicit Assessment of Player Types (Ongoing, Bachelor)
  • The Role of Choice in Bottom-Up Gamification (Ongoing, Bachelor)
  • The Effect of Self-Defined Games on User Performance (Ongoing, Master)
  • PleaseBeNice++: Development and Investigation of a Crowd-Sourced Based Game (Ongoing, Bachelor)
  • Gamification in a Staff Planning Process (Ongoing, Master; in Cooperation with ergosign)
  • Cross-Fit RPG (Ongoing, Media Project/MAD)


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