Practical Phase / Internship

The one-semester practical phase comprises a professional internship and an accompanying seminar. The internship needs to cover topics from the domain of media informatics or other relevant related domains like computer science. The duration of the internship is at least 14 weeks with a typical workload of 40 hours per week. The internship is awarded 20 ungraded credit points. Additionally, you need to take an according seminar that is awarded 5 graded credit points.

For all administrational issues concerning the practical phase, you can contact the representative for the practical phase (contact information below).

Scope, Topic and company are suggested by the student and need to be accredited by the representative for the practical phase.

The evaluation of the practical phase is done 

  1. formally by the representative for the practical phase. You need to submit an official document verifying the internship.
  2. by a colloquium (see section Seminar below) on the internship before the end of the following semester within the scope the practical phase seminar.

During the practical phase, you can contact the representative for the practical phase for issues concerning the internship.


To pass the seminar accompanying the practical phase, there are the following requirements:

  1. Attending at least 3 other seminar talks
  2. Giving a 30 minute presentation about the internship. This presentation should introduce the company, as well as the work you have done. The presentation is supposed to close with a short summary and what you liked about the internship and what not.

To choose a timeslot for your presentation, please contact Iris Lambrecht ( with Christian Lander ( in cc with 5 suggestions of possible dates, as well as a short abstract of your talk.

Further information and regulations

Further information can be found in the FAQ and the examination office (cf. Examination Regulation Master 2013 §21, Study Regulation Master 2013 §6).


Representative for the practical phase

Dr. Florian Daiber

Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
66123 Saarbrücken
Tel: 0681/85775 5115