User Interface Design

This course is intended as an introduction to the methods and scientific background of the field of human-computer interaction – in particular, user interface design and evaluation.


  • Tuesday, 4-6pm (16-18 Uhr) - Lecture hall 003 in E1.3
  • Wednesday, 2-4pm (14-16 Uhr) - Lecture hall 003 in E1.3

The language of this lecture is English.


09.10The certificates ("Scheine") are ready for those students who could not register in HISPOS and can be fetched in room +1.72 at DFKI ("Neubau"), cf. the opening hours of our secretariat.
24.09The results of the re-exam are available. The inspection (29.9, 11-12am) takes place in room Turing I (DFKI NB +2.30)
13.08The exam inspection (19.8, 10-11am) takes place in room Turing I (DFKI NB +2.30)
06.08The results of the exam are online now.
13.05Today's lecture needs to be canceled due to sickness. Sorry!
03.05The HISPOS-Registration is now possible (at least for certain courses of studies). In case you can't register we will provide an information later during the term, how to register for the exam.
25.04The registration phase is over now. If you want to participate in the lecture, but are not registered (i.e. no assignment to a tutor) so far, please contact Pascal Lessel. The mapping is now available in the material section.If you can't find your matriculation number, please write also an e-mail to Pascal Lessel. 
22.04Please register (see below) until Friday (25.4) noon! We will publish a mapping matriculation no. => tutor afterwards.
31.03The registration is open now. Please fill out this form if you want to attend the lecture and the exercise group. (You will also need to register in HISPOS later)

Lecture schedule (preliminary)

Date Lecture content Note
15.04 Organization + What is Interaction Design? Lecture slides and video available
16.04 No lecture -
22.04 Understanding Interaction I Lecture slides and video available
23.04 Understanding Interaction II Lecture slides available
06.05 Social Interaction Lecture slides available
07.05 Emotional Interfaces Lecture slides available
13.05 No lecture
14.05 Cognitive Aspects (Marco Speicher), Lecture slides available
20.05 Interfaces I Lecture slides available
21.05 Interfaces II Lecture slides available
27.05 Interfaces III Lecture slides available
28.05 Multiple Users & CollaborationLecture slides available
03.06 Data Gathering I (Markus Löchtefeld), Lecture slides available
04.06 Data Gathering II (Antonio Krüger), Lecture slides available
10.06 Guidelines, Principles & Theories Lecture slides available
11.06 User Centered Design I (Jürgen Steimle), Lecture slides available
17.06 User Centered Design II (Jürgen Steimle), Lecture slides available
18.06 User Centered Design III (Jürgen Steimle), Lecture slides available
24.06 Prototyping - Formalizing Ideas Lecture slides available
25.06 Evaluation I Lecture slides available
01.07 Evaluation II  Lecture slides available
02.07 Mobile Interaction Lecture slides available
08.07 3D User Interfaces I Lecture slides available (Marco Speicher)
09.07 3D User Interfaces II Lecture slides available (Marco Speicher)
15.07 Urban Interfaces I Lecture slides available
16.07 Urban Interfaces II Lecture slides available
22.07 No lecture
23.07 No lecture
30.07 Exam 2-4pm (14-16 Uhr) E2.2. 001 (Günter-Hotz)
10.09 Re-Exam 2-4pm (14-16 Uhr) E2.2. 001 (Günter-Hotz)

Exercise sheets and exercise group

  • Exercise sheets will be published online on Wednesday (most likely at 12pm/noon).
  • You are supposed to solve the tasks by yourself (i.e. no group hand-in!). We will give 0 points for copied solutions.
  • The exercise sheets should be handed in digitally via e-mail directly to your assigned tutor and CC to This should always happen until the following Wednesday, 12pm/noon (i.e. you have 7 days to create a solution) [only the first exercise sheet will be an exception].
  • You need at least 50% of the points you can achieve by doing the exercise sheets to be admitted to the exam.
  • The first exercise sheet will appear on 23.04.2014 and can be found in the material section.
  • We won't provide sample solutions for the exercises. Nevertheless, the exercises will be discussed in-depth in the exercise group: Fridays, 12-2pm in lecture hall 001, building E1.3. The first meeting will be on 16.05.2014.


The lecture will be based on the book:
Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction (Rogers et al., Third edition)

This book is available in the library (analog and digital, cf. here).

All relevant downloads (e.g. lecture slides, exercise sheets) can be found here.