Pascal Lessel


Saarland Informatics Campus
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AddressStuhlsatzenhausweg 3, 66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
RoomD3_4, Room +1.80

Research Interest

  • Games and Gamification
  • Behavior Change Support Systems / Persuasive Technology
  • Crowds and Interaction with Crowds
  • Live-Streaming of Games (e.g.,
  • Transition from paper-based everyday objects to digital counterparts



Open Topics for BSc / MSc Theses

  • "Bottom-up"-Gamification
  • Gamification in everyday life
  • Crowd-sourced games (e.g., games like ChoiceChamber)
  • Improved communication channels between streamer and audience in live streaming scenarios

I'm also open to suggestions, if they are in my area of interest. Furthermore, these more concrete topics are available (only available in German):

    Ongoing / Finished Theses / Media Projects Topics

    • The Trash Game - Ein gamifizierter und crowd-basierter Ansatz zur Motivation bewusster Mülltrennung (Finished, Bachelor, Maximilian Altmeyer)
    • Socialized Club System - Ein gamifiziertes System zur Verbesserung
      der Kommunikation und der Übersicht in Großraumdiskotheken (Finished, Bachelor, Dominic Gottwalles)
    • Analyzing Crowd Interaction within a Collaborative Gaming Scenario (Finished, Bachelor, Christian Wolff)
    • To-Do List Applications for Smartphones - Investigating the Current State of the Art and Developing Design Guidelines in a Participatory Design Process (Finished, Bachelor, Christopher Schommer)
    • DEPlata - A Digitally Enhanced Planning Table for Rough Factory Layouts (Finished, Master, Nico Herbig)
    • ExpenseControl - A Gamified, Semi-Automated, Crowd-Based Approach For Receipt Capturing (Finished, Master, Maximilian Altmeyer)
    • "Neighbourtopia" (Finshed, Media Project, Norine Coenen, Stefanie Lehmann, Alexander Vielhauer)
    • "GymLife" (Finished, Media Project, Philip Hell, Omair Bhatti, Jan Ehrlich)

    • HelpStone - Ein crowd-basierter Ansatz zur Erlernung von Hearthstone in einem Live-Streaming Setting (Ongoing, Bachelor)
    • Twitch Plays Hedgewars (Ongoing, Master)
    • Untersuchung von Crowd-Incentivierungsmechanismen in einem Micro-Task-Setup (Ongoing, Bachelor)
    • Handling massive textual input in a live-streaming setup (Ongoing, Master)


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